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Tekken 3 / Namco System 12 - Recap



Pinned New CPS2 Multigame Firmware with Key Writing!!!!!!



Pinned Troubleshooting Tips



Strikers 1945 PCB: Repair and Restoration



Tekken 2 / Namco System 11 - Recap



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  • Derick2k -

    Replied to the thread Tekken 3 / Namco System 12 - Recap.

    Man, is this one of those boards that operator guy just threw in the back of his van :D
  • PascalP -

    Replied to the thread Tekken 3 / Namco System 12 - Recap.

    Holy shit, never seen this, any particular reason they fall off? Will check my system 12 boards if I spot something strange :)
  • PascalP -

    Liked NeoField’s post in the thread The Top 5 Best Neo-Geo Games!.

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    1. WINDJAMMERS 2. Samurai Showdown 4 (love that you can commit suicide) 3. Metal Slug 4. Puzzle Bobble 5. Baseball Stars 2 6. Neo Turf Master 7. Last Resort 8. Street Hoop 9. Sengoku 3 10. The King of Fighters '98
  • Darksoft -

    Liked Nimmers’s post in the thread New CPS2 Multigame Firmware with Key Writing!!!!!!.

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    Quote from Darksoft: “They should work......only one way to find out.... ” Put the wires on mine last night and used a 16GB card. Worked for me.
  • Someone Else -

    Liked jassin000’s post in the thread Vewlix Diamond 2J14B DIY.

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    So Taito no longer sells the 2J14B "two player" panel kits. This has been true since homeboy Derick cleaned out the stock about a year ago. ;) Yugo (Taito parts contact) has come thru with some parts to basically construct a "official" panel. Adding to…