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  • Bought it years ago from an online retailer that no longer carries it but they're available on eBay.

  • Not sure about the Naomi 2 but I've used a PicoPSU 80W (with a 65W adapter) on a Naomi 1 with a Netdimm module without any issues. Apparently the Naomi hardware is very similar to the Dreamcast, which only consumes around 22W according to the internet.

  • I don't own an ST-V but it was a very nice read.

  • Quote from winteriscoming: “So is TTX2 strict about I/Os for every game? Stock Sega Type 1 wouldn't work for anything?” I read somewhere, a long time ago, that the Sega Type 1 I/O wasn't compatible with the TTX so I never bothered to test it out until recently. At first, the game recognized the I/O board but not the inputs. Then I read a tip from andygeezer on AO: Quote: “ Do a loop cable from pin 1 to pin 3 on the 60pin connector, otherwise inputs will not work. ” tried it with SSFIV and it wor…

  • Quote from mountainmanjed: “First, the hitboxes won't appear like that they'll appear like you seen in the hit test on the cps1 sf2 versions or what you see in my avatar from Alpha 3 Sample. Secondly the code for them is gone will have to be redone since debug tools is one of the first things to go.” Thanks for the reply. Being able to see the hitboxes in SF2:HF via dipswitch was very cool and it would've been neat to have that in SSF2X / HSF2 as well. I saw a video of your training mode version…

  • Quote from l_oliveira: “... or enabling debug mode features on most of those CPS2 games.” Do you know if it's possible to enable debug mode in SSF2X / HSF2 to view the hitbox properties? 2ltssy0.png

  • Quote from don: “It's around $50 US dollar with shipping to HK, don't know if those seller will ship oversea. Let's me ask him about it ^^” Thanks man, I would really appreciate it. At $50, I would definitely pick one up. I tried searching Taobao but it's confusing. 28bqxyw.jpg

  • Quote from don: “...the vewlix china clone panel thats I order from Taobao, the price with shipping is real cheap seen I am living in Hong Kong.” How much did you pay for the control panel with shipping? Do you have a link to the seller that you ordered it from? I currently use a Hori VLX but this might be a cooler option.

  • Quote from deep: “Hi, did someone tried these dumps? ” Damn, I just played Akai Katana on my laptop. LOL.

  • Interesting. I'll have to try the USB version sometime. For now I just deal with the lag/wonkiness of the controls. It's fine since I don't play the games competitively, they feel 99.1% accurate, and that's enough for me. Also, according to Niko, the Nesica versions of HSF2 and 3rd Strike are running on emulators. I'm really interested in how well they play. Can't be that bad if people are willing to drop coins on them in the arcades, played on LCD screens no less.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from samplehunters: “I notice a bit of input lag on my ipac+groovymame setup” have you increased the USB polling speed?” I just connect the ipac through the PS/2 port thinking it would avoid the whole USB polling rate issue. I guess I should try it through USB someday.

  • I notice a bit of input lag on my ipac+groovymame setup vs CPS2. Which is fine for me for every game except SSF2X. I love being able to pause games in emulators.

  • I plan to upgrade my TX2 as well, basically just gonna take out the I/O board and install it into my gaming desktop.

  • Type X/2 Game Patches

    samplehunters - - Taito Type X


    Quote from atrfate: “You can also cheese certain gpu vendor specifc things with custom hacked dlls such as visual bugs in games such as DS2, SSED ECT” Does this mean you have a fix for graphic bugs in Deathsmiles II for Nvidia cards?

  • @deibit: Thanks for the pics, I was hoping that it would be a simple and cheap circuit to build but after seeing the traces on the backside of the board, and how it's connected to that Renesas MCU, I think it's more trouble than it's worth. @mltv: Worst case you could always just grab the Taito I/O board and use it with any PC with a Serial/COM port.

  • Yeah it's ironic how people who actually have access to the dumps don't play the games while the people who want to play the games don't have access to them.

  • Quote from deibit: “I didn't do an exhaustive test so far, but seems to work ok with the multis.I'm setting up a new tx2 multi with this main board. I will then test all multi games.and report back.” Please don't test all the games on my behalf though, as long as it works OK with the Multi was all the info I was looking for. It's really interesting though, would you mind taking a higher res pic of this marked area (front and back) of the board? 25pn41y.jpg I want to try building it, as far as I …

  • Quote from deibit: “That's the PCI I/O” @deibit: Have you tried the PCI I/O board in a multigame system? I'm wondering what games it's compatible with since the RS485 to RS232 circuitry looks different (simpler) than the regular Taito I/O.

  • Quote from Niko: “I can decrypt them, you have a PM. :)” Any chance you'd be willing to decrypt the Chase HQ 2 image? (Assuming you haven't already that is.) I believe it's been in Mame for a while now.