Astro City - monitor power supply help

    • Astro City - monitor power supply help

      I received an Astro City today.. I turned it on, put in 1943 PCB, the colors of the monitors were all wrong, all kinds of colors.. I pressed the degauss button and the monitor degausses but wrong colors, nothing changed.. I power off the cab, took out the 1943 PCB, plugged it back again and powered the cab on, the monitor started making a hissing sound. I pressed the power supply button inside the cab to power the cab off, no go, the power supply is not responding.. I can not turn the cab off. I unplug the cab from the power strip and the cab turned off. I disconnected the wire that supplies power to the monitor, plugged in the cab to the power strip and the cab's light turned on, I can hear sound from the PCB and the speakers, but again the power switch from the power supply inside the cab does not turn off the cab. I connected the power cable to the monitor and connected the cab's power cable to the power strip and the hissing noise from the monitor is there again and i can not turn off the cab pressing the off button from the power supply inside the cab.. So what do I have, a bad power supply, a bad monitor chassis, all of the above? Do I need holly water??? A miracle??? I have been reading a lot relating to the hissing sound and nothing sounds encouraging...

      Bonus question - does a WG D9200 Fit inside the Astro city:)?????

      thanks for the feedback..
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    • Does the harness look original or like it has been hacked?

      What do you mean by wrong colors? Take a pic.

      These monitors don't like it when there is no PCB... does it hiss when the PCB is connected?

      It sounds like the power supply is working if it's powering on everything, so I guess don't worry about the switch?

      Any 27" (US measurement) should fit.
    • On the hardness only the audio has been hacked and it looks original. now the monitor does not show anything.. it hiss when the PCB is connected or disconnected. the power supply off and on switch was working and the monitor was powering on but with the wrong colors like when the monitor does not degauss..
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    • your monitor doesn't use the power supply the power supply is ONLY there for the Game Board (or sometimes I/O boards, coin lamps, or fans)

      the monitor runs off AC power, the Marquee lamp runs off of AC power, usually external audio amps have their own separate power supply too.

      I'm confused about your "power supply button" not working, in every cab I've used this is a rocker or toggle switch that cuts the AC power going directly to the Power Supply. it shouldn't be a "soft" button; it should be the same as pulling the plug out of the wall; a mechanical switch that physically disconnects the power.

      it's possible this cab has some hacked/messed up wiring or it could have a bad psu that is causing the PCB to do weird things that the monitor doesn't like, or it's possible that the monitor has issues. you need to start ruling things out.

      if this were my cab
      start by looking over the harness for any patches/fixes/modifications

      next use a multimeter in conductivity mode to check that the correct pins on the JAMMA edge are making good conductivity with the correct pins on the monitor input. do the same for the PSU pins on the JAMMA edge.

      assuming that all check out ok, check your voltages on the PCB to make sure they're in spec.

      if you have a NAOMI with a separate SUN PSU you can put it in 15Khz mode and plug that in, bypassing the cab's PSU as a good way to check that the monitor is working properly.

      if the monitor does have a serious degaussing issue (can happen if the cab has been moved a long distance) you may need to use a manual hand degausser, as the built in one likely isn't strong enough to fix it.
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    • "Power Supply. it shouldn't be a "soft" button" yes, this is what I meant.. a soft button on the power supply.. that button is not powering the cab off or on.. seems like direct electrical current all the time.. on the back of the cab there is a button, that one works to cut the power off.. I do have a degaussing coil which I tried to fixed the color when it was working but it did not fix the issue.. I will try connecting the Naomi as you suggested and see if anything comes up on the monitor.. if that does not work I will put a Wanted add on the forums to see if I can find someone local to back mout my WG D9200 in the current monitor frame and I will use the cab for Mame.. now finding that "Tech" that will not charge $95 for a service call and $95 an hour will be challenging around my area 8o
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    • As far as the power supply is concerned, are you saying that number 2 on here is not turning the cab on and off? It *should*, but it's also not necessary that it does.

      As for the monitor problem, it should not be related to the power supply at all, the power outlet (#8) on there is just a pass-through for your the same current as from the wall. If you want to rule it out 110% for peace of mind, unplug the monitor's power cable from #8, and plug directly into a power strip (so you can use the power strip to turn it on and off) out the back of the cab and then turn on the cab.

      Also, a picture speaks a thousand words :).

      As for the D9200 fitting or not, take the black bezel out of the Astro, and see if it sits flush against the tube of the 9200 or not. Mounting won't be an issue, there's a ton of room in an Astro, but the bezel may not fit.
    • post some pics if you get a chance.

      if the monitor is bad I think these use Nanao MS8 chassis. Yaton has them up for sale every so often. I've bought 2 from him already.

      as for the button on the PSU there could be a number of reasons it's getting stuck on, but I don't know enough about the Astro PSU internals to speculate.
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    • rewrite wrote:

      SNK-NEO-GEO wrote:

      the Nanao monitor is not connected to 8.
      I wonder how this cab is wired. :thinkingfaceemoji:

      Like a regular Astro? I have never seen an Astro with the monitor plugged in to the AC socket.

      There is no soft button on the PSU to switch it off. You're either pressing test, service or the degauss button. The power switch is a rocker and it will turn off the whole cabinet.

      I think your monitor is busted. You would need to pull it out and inspect it for visible damage (if any).