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Sanwa pfx remote board not working


PGM Cave conversion help



Nanao 2931 Not Working



Home Arcade System



Sega candy cab lock replacement



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  • thomas3184 -

    Posted the thread Sanwa pfx remote board not working.

    The degauss button works, but the function button doesn’t seem to do anything. I checked continuity and the buttons appear to be open/closed as expected. Manually shorting the switch doesn’t appear to do anything either. Continuity on the cable…
  • mskhaos -

    Replied to the thread PGM Cave conversion help.

    I dont have the dual boot version then :/
  • XeD -

    Replied to the thread PGM Cave conversion help.

    when you boot it up it give you an option to pick. I think a 10 second count down?
  • djsheep -

    Liked DecepticonZero’s post in the thread Repro New Net City panel - color issue.

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    Alberto is pretty up front that his panels don't match perfect. He usually mentions it in every post I've seen him make. Getting that chrome finish seems to be an issue for almost all panel makers because that's a two step process that is not easy to…
  • djsheep -

    Liked FakeNoose’s post in the thread UD-USB Decoders.

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    Thank you @undamned! Everything arrived in tip-top shape.
  • mskhaos -

    Liked lukemorse1’s post in the thread Any PGM Conversion info out there?.

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    I bought the converted ones years ago and managed to finish off a full set. wish I knew about this earlier lol. As someone who owns all 3 of the conversions I can say that they play and sound great. Its nice to have 4 vertical shooters on the system…