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Lifting Heavy Monitors Thread



Pinned --> Get your CPS2 Multi game here!!!! <--



Pinned CPS III Bios and CD Releases



Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets.



astec model sa301 3400


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  • Kavas -

    Replied to the thread Lifting Heavy Monitors Thread.

    I was half joking. If I had the amount of cabs to warrant it I would definitely get an engine lifter. It's why I pictured it. Those tubes are too precious to lift haphazardly. Also hoagtech is a feather weight :P
  • great idea, I have a couple of pinouts Tested Virtua Striker 31-3111-133111113-11-1-13-33-3 Dead or Alive 11-3111-313333331-11-3-33-11-3 Pilot Kids 11-3111-313333331-11-3-33-11-3 From Manual or Picture online Dynamite Baseball 97…
  • drfunk2k -

    Liked Darksoft’s post in the thread CPS III Bios and CD Releases.

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    Quote from drfunk2k: “so can i use: IMAGE WITH ALL 6 games (2 versions of 3rd Strike included) as above but without Darksoft text exactly like the original. Requested by our Japanese friend TMZ for competitions.
  • nem -

    Liked rtw’s post in the thread F3-Multi ROMset generator.

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    I have done some investigations into why Kirameki Star Road does not work on the F3-Multi. There are not enough address lines between the PCB and the cart so instead the music is banked. The banking is performed using the small CPLD on the cart. The…