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Dungeons and dragons color problem



Sega Model 3 (Blast, NVS4000, etc) no JAMMA sound / buzzing fix


Hatsune Mike

Any PGM Conversion info out there?



Candy Cabs The Aero's have been Powder Coated Hoagtech's PLOG.



Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



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  • tl;dr: Replace R1. It is a 10 ohm resistor. One of my Blasts had two simultaneous sound problems. One of them was that JAMMA audio was more or less inaudible, with a buzzing sound replacing it. One of my Astro power supplies, the NVS-4000, was doing the…
  • Apocalypse -

    Replied to the thread Dungeons and dragons color problem.

    Quote from Howie2673: “it is true with the b board unplugged I do get a bright red screen not a blank screen. I'd send a pic but I cant upload it here to big everytime ” Sounds ok to me, I have the same behaviour here. Sometimes it's red, sometimes…
  • Hatsune Mike -

    Replied to the thread Sega Model 3 (Blast, NVS4000, etc) no JAMMA sound / buzzing fix.

    Keep in mind if you plug speakers into the JAMMA harness directly you forego volume control, so you'll only have the PCB's volume. It can be pretty annoying after growing used to having cabinets with volume attenuation (Astro, Egret, etc) and having to…
  • Fluffy -

    Replied to the thread Any PGM Conversion info out there?.

    Quote from raik: “Hi everyone! A friend of mine has a weird graphic glitches on his Ketsui cart. Sound is missing at 75% and all graphics are only a pixel mess. No idea of what's going on, weldings are clean. Anyone has a lead on this kind of…