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Replacement MV-2F memory card port?



Ms. Pac-Man PCB voltage sensitive



Capcom PCB 85605-A/B/C-1 (F/M Hex Nut Brass Standoff Spacer)



Pinned CPS2 Tournament Link PCBs



sega stv virtua fighter remix-help needed



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  • MetalliC -

    Liked chacal231077’s post in the thread Dead or Alive ++ ZN1 change Region.

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    Hi! :) Under the IC Support it is written 27080 .by deduction i think this is a Atmel 27C080 :) ok or not ok ?( DOA ++ Rom Koréa
  • Kujako -

    Replied to the thread Replacement MV-2F memory card port?.

    Got the parts board in, it's fairly damaged. Someone wired in a CR2032 (soldered it directly on) without disabling the charging circuit, so system memory is kaput (weirdly I can still get it to work but it thinks the calendar date includes non-numeric…
  • Banane -

    Replied to the thread Ms. Pac-Man PCB voltage sensitive.

    Swapped the Z80, the same. A- and D- lines are moving (in both states). INT and HALT on the CPU are toggeling. Once I decrease the voltage to 4,84V on the PSU the HALT goes steady HIGH, INT goes LOW in test Mode, HIGH at the end of the Routine and then…
  • AlxUnderBase -

    Liked jassin000’s post in the thread The Jassifier.

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    I was going to wait for the final version (1.6) PCB to be built, but I decided to just go ahead and release this now! :D aZQXCyA.png ubPYbPQ.png This device is NOT endorsed or recommended by the creator of the Jammafier! Its purpose/my intention was…
  • djsheep -

    Replied to the thread Capcom PCB 85605-A/B/C-1 (F/M Hex Nut Brass Standoff Spacer).

    Disregard my comment. I misread it as “Captain Commando” which is CPS-1. Was confused as you mentioned A/B/C boards.
  • Hydreigon -

    Replied to the thread CPS2 Tournament Link PCBs.

    Time I bump this thread after find out the main network controller component, a NEC D71051C, is essentially an Intel 8251 clone. Both components share the same pinout and block diagram according to both datasheets. This begs the question if using an 8251…