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Monitor Test Bench Solution Help.



Pinned Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)



MS 2931 Chassis Buzzing



Playing TTX2 multi on the TTX3 hardware



Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



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  • nonosto -

    Liked rtw’s post in the thread JVS Emulator.

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    @nonosto this is detailed on the OpenJVS github in an ASCIIMATIC. github.com/OpenJVS/OpenJVS In addition to the string of diodes, the red wire must also go a suitable GPIO pin on the RasPi.
  • TheDeath -

    Replied to the thread Monitor Test Bench Solution Help..

    Quote from hoagtech: “Quote from TheDeath: “it.aliexpress.com/item/3305230…042311.0.0.79be4c4dLXwfvx ” Thanks @TheDeath What is this and how does it connect to 15khz RGB sources or does it have a test pattern or image display built in? ” It will work…
  • Jumpingmanjim -

    Replied to the thread Finally, multi System 16B (Sega).

    Weird question but what's a game I should look for to get a cheap board that's suitable for one of these multis?
  • bboycap -

    Replied to the thread MS 2931 Chassis Buzzing.

    Quote from rewrite: “You can poke the coils with a wooden spoon or a dowel too. If the sound changes pitch or stops, you've found your culprit. ” Quote from BumbleChump: “Seconding checking coils with a wooden utensil. I had a nanao chassis with…
  • Murray -

    Replied to the thread Playing TTX2 multi on the TTX3 hardware.

    Ok, i updated the image (hack version3 i called it, i know it's not a hack, but i want it to be clear it's not supported by niko). I fixed up a few things. - All of the USB ports will now work on the motherboard. Previously it was just 2. - I've fixed…
  • Jumpingmanjim -

    Replied to the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

    I bought a suzo happ psu direct from suzo happ Australia in September of last year, and I turned it on today after not having used it for a while and it just made clicking sounds and didn't work. Do you think they would replace it? Alternatively if they…