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Model 2 to JAMMA harness



Taito Vewlix JVS IO



Lindbergh Sliver with no singal


CPS2 Darksoft for newbie



Pinned Important Info About the CPS2 Multikit



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  • bboycap -

    Replied to the thread Model 2 to JAMMA harness.

    Quote from psychicdrive: “I was thinking about something like this: zenmarket.jp/auction.aspx?itemCode=x516501150 but you mention connecting a power supply directly to the game.. maybe I could use the Blast City cabinet IO board ?
  • bboycap -

    Liked Gakman’s post in the thread Model 2 to JAMMA harness.

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    I use external power supply for model 2 or 3 in my Astro because these use too much power. I've built a ATX to Model 2 (JST NH) converter from an ATX extention cable. Very easy. If you don't have crimp tool, just solder wires.
  • PascalP -

    Replied to the thread Taito Vewlix JVS IO.

    Good pick @jassin000 Screw netbooting and have ‘someone’ make a proper Naomi multicart! I could run Naomi + dimm on 1 psu in my NNC, but sold of the dimm anyway as it sucked big time, back to carts for now :)
  • yosai -

    Liked Muchi Muchi Spork’s post in the thread My CPS1 conversions info.

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    I'm going to compile some CPS1 hacks info here. It will take me a while to get it all in. Street Smart (Final Fight hack for Street Fighter IICE hardware) roms mega.nz/#!FrBwTCSB!yaUoVqSxf4f…m3wv3aHHHhgSEUFJIF7hLl3Wg B-21 C-Board 91635B-2 B-Board…
  • bboycap -

    Posted the thread Lindbergh Sliver with no singal.

    Hi all, I bought a sliver Lindbergh with VF5 from YAJ. Unfortunately, It has no signal output. When I use a 550W ATX PSU to power it up. I can see all the fans in the Lindbergh working. The light of the IO card is also blinking, but the screen still…
  • nonosto -

    Replied to the thread CPS2 Darksoft for newbie.

    the most it would arrive in good condition and before cps 2 kit.
  • nonosto -

    Replied to the thread Important Info About the CPS2 Multikit.

    I contacted them they will say if it's possible and how much.