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  • wigsplitta -

    Liked Murray’s post in the thread Playing TTX2 multi on the TTX3 hardware.

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    I've been fighting this for 2 days now... trying to get a small image size out of it. Anyways, here's the image link if anyone wants to try it out. It's pretty small now, less than 2GB. There are no game in this image, it just the gameless image. Copy…
  • XtraSmiley -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread OSSC and FX-1B board (G-Darius) help.

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    Quote from XtraSmiley: “Thanks man, I'll try the above, but I'm using a HAS with arcade power supply and it's on wood, but I'll test with feet as well. ” Exactly, as you can see in this video,ZN needs to be OFF the wood to boot:
  • kingcar -

    Liked ekorz’s post in the thread NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution.

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    Got mine today, now it’s time to find an appropriate capture chain. Thanks @Hatsune Mike! (Also the manual pdf linked above has each page’s content displayed twice on each page for some reason)