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Test button on smallcab supergun does not work


Pinned AES Multi Cart Troubleshooting and help



Lets talk Taito Type X3



Ms. Pac-Man PCB voltage sensitive



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  • Simon -

    Posted the thread Test button on smallcab supergun does not work.

    My SmallCab Supergun Deluxe v2.2 (french manual) has buttons on the board for coin1, coin2, service, and test. My game is already set to freeplay, so I'm not sure if the coin buttons work or not, but the test button doesn't seem to. It also has screw…
  • trmm -

    Replied to the thread AES Multi Cart Troubleshooting and help.

    Then some basic troubleshooting has to be made, access to a different system? Maybe a friend or another member here close to your area? even if regular carts work some bigger carts have different requirements.
  • rewrite -

    Liked Fluffy’s post in the thread PGM Cartridge pinout.

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    arcade-projects.com/forums/ind…e4f5050c5e3e5d01ae5ef5c50 This is a summary of the pinout information I found so far by probing my cartridges with a continuity tester. There are still a bunch of unknown pins, but this should help people looking to…
  • raffy92 -

    Replied to the thread AES Multi Cart Troubleshooting and help.

    I am posting here my updates about my attempt to have the AES multi working. We were suspecting that due to some power deficiency of the PSU, the big games cannot be launched properly. So by launching some small game only I should not have any issue and…
  • ThisGuy -

    Liked OptimusP’s post in the thread Lets talk Taito Type X3.

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    A multi is possible. I’ve been working on this a lot during the quarantine. Some things I’ve noticed. System will reboot after about 30 min if you’re not in a game or a menu. Even a clean windows install will reboot. Not sure if there’s a timer…
  • Vjg1588 -

    Replied to the thread Lets talk Taito Type X3.

    Hey, Guys first I want to thanks Derick2k and rewrite you guy help me a lot. I was able to purchase a Tatio x3. Now I have more questions (sorry about that) I have not a cabinet and I want to know if there is any way to connect the I/O board to a…