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sega stv virtua fighter remix-help needed



Replacement MV-2F memory card port?



Ms. Pac-Man PCB voltage sensitive



Capcom PCB 85605-A/B/C-1 (F/M Hex Nut Brass Standoff Spacer)



Pinned CPS2 Tournament Link PCBs



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  • Simon -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread SuperGun power switch wiring help.

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    Arcade PSUs don't draw as many amps as people think. Of course there are exceptions but most boards require less than 3A. Single slot MVS is less than 1A. Double slot MVS is just under 2A. CPS2 is around 3A. Most single board PCBs fall within the above…
  • roy -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread sega stv virtua fighter remix-help needed.

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    Got several scrap STV's i'm sure one will have the terminator on it. Will check for you later :D I'd say it's worth testing, the sound amp is no problem to locate and the PCB can be tested without sound. Edit , Found one! You can have it for the postage…
  • roy -

    Replied to the thread sega stv virtua fighter remix-help needed.

  • MetalliC -

    Liked chacal231077’s post in the thread Dead or Alive ++ ZN1 change Region.

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    Hi! :) Under the IC Support it is written 27080 .by deduction i think this is a Atmel 27C080 :) ok or not ok ?( DOA ++ Rom Koréa
  • Kujako -

    Replied to the thread Replacement MV-2F memory card port?.

    Got the parts board in, it's fairly damaged. Someone wired in a CR2032 (soldered it directly on) without disabling the charging circuit, so system memory is kaput (weirdly I can still get it to work but it thinks the calendar date includes non-numeric…