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Help! Hardly any sound from CPS2 RCA contacts



Pinned A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.



Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



Vewlix Speaker Replacement Mod


KI2 DOM (Killer Instinct 2 Disc on Module)



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  • Frank_fjs -

    Replied to the thread Help! Hardly any sound from CPS2 RCA contacts.

    Interesting. Is the amplifier in your cab definitely working, regarding its RCA inputs? Can you narrow this down by connecting the CPS2 RCA outs to a different external amplifier, like an old hifi system etc? I'm sure you're aware but the RCA output is…
  • muckyfingers -

    Liked jassin000’s post in the thread Vewlix Speaker Replacement Mod.

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    I wanted to get these images/information out to my fellow VLX fans... If you are the owner of an original F/L/FC or L-AMI cab you are already aware the top two speakers/tweeters are square in shape. GLLTh4H.jpg qYtzNRF.jpg You CAN get these exact…
  • nem -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread Dead or Alive ++ ZN1 change Region.

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    Seems very different :) A new pair of roms will change the region and this is a new set for mame! Very nice :D
  • Dloop -

    Replied to the thread Help! Hardly any sound from CPS2 RCA contacts.

    So holding volume up at start did not help, and holding it in 5 sec while running did not help as well. Again jamma sound works fine regardless if it states stereo or mono in config, but the RCA stereo out does not work for me. Just the faintest sound…
  • muckyfingers -

    Replied to the thread A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame..

    Quote from beast1x5: “oh no shit?!? This is some good info, but is there a way to get this properly working via dvi-d to hdmi For supergun use? ” No, the GPU on the Type X2 only sends the EDID information through the VGA port. What does work, I’ve…
  • modology -

    Replied to the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

    BW2E6FL.png Who was the lucky folk in VIC that snatch this bargain on Sunday? Anyone from this forum?