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Pinned A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame



Streetfighter EX 2 Plus



BIOS and Header fixed atomiswave converts



NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution



Playchoice 10 replacement buttons



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  • KalessinDB -

    Liked everten’s post in the thread Taito F3 Stereo Audio PCB.

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    I just placed an order for an updated version of both the PCB and tiny interconnect PCB. I'll probably have the boards in a week or two for another round of testing. Changes after testing and feedback on the "prototype" board: - Updated attenuation…
  • KalessinDB -

    Liked brentradio’s post in the thread Get your MultiMVS Here:.

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    Quote from HardAzRockz: “I can't wait for the DS MVS cart to be restocked. Once again I was attacked by TO fanboys for asking about a SNES cart. For some reason one of their moderators seem to bring darksoft into the conversation randomly. Why are…
  • DeWitt -

    Liked XianXi’s post in the thread JNX Phase - New Fighting Adapter for Your Dedicated Neo Geo cab.

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    This is a project that I've been working on for 2 years now and we have finally got it to a version where I'm happy with all that it does. The JNX Phase uses the already known 1+2=3 button method found in Samurai Shodown. Using that logic, the JNX Phase…
  • rtw -

    Replied to the thread A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame.

    Try selecting the game as fast as possible. The goal is to squash the "no entity" bug.
  • djsheep -

    Liked Darksoft’s post in the thread AES Multi Cart Troubleshooting and help.

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    Quote from VEGETA: “You shocked me about this. I thought that AES carts will go as long as there is market for them. ” The answer is in your sentence.
  • wasspat -

    Replied to the thread Streetfighter EX 2 Plus.

    if you have a good programmer (at least able to read and verify 27c322) I think it could be useful to check the roms first.