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Reviving suicided Gaelco PCBs : The Right Way



Pinned Darksoft's MultiAES. Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions



PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting



Namco 359/369



Sega Naomi Error 22 / 24



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  • Sumez -

    Replied to the thread Reviving suicided Gaelco PCBs : The Right Way.

    How does a "suicided" Gaelco board behave? Do they just not boot, or are there other issues with it? I'm asking because I have an Alligator Hunt board that acts like video ground or sync isn't functioning well, but it seems to be related somehow to the…
  • acidrain97 -

    Replied to the thread Darksoft's MultiAES. Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions.

    Current firmware/menu. The glitching does seem to be random. I would like to know what folder I'm missing.
  • Fluffy -

    Replied to the thread PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting.

    I tried a few different sellers, but you always seem to get the same bag with loose chips... I've got a stack of all the ones that failed to program by now.
  • alexcom -

    Liked djsheep’s post in the thread Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions.

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    Got around to updating my cart with the Menu and Firmware (November 22nd 2019), my last Firmware and menu update was I believe, January 2019. Everything seems to be working OK. The biggest improvement for me is the loading speed and time of the cart…
  • spiderzsoft -

    Replied to the thread Namco 359/369.

    Any dumps for those games iso or hhd drive? DeadStrom Parites Special Edition(NAMCO 357) 5141938923_b22d625f56_b.jpg Dark Escape 3D/4D(NAMCO 357) dark_escape_4d_logo_by_imorales914_dbo24yv-fullview.jpg Razing Strom (NAMCO 369) latest After Dark EX(PC
  • ArcSys101 -

    Replied to the thread Sega Naomi Error 22 / 24.

    Quote from krakorjak: “I did check this and it does say 0.00 for the net dimm. ” then that needs to be unsolder the ic the put in the programmer then , the firmware 3.17 after that put it in the board again ,then update via transfer exe. File to 4.01