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New Generation Metal Shell For Dreamcast



Caveman Ninja - Edward Randy Conversion



Pinned CPS2 Multikit: Instructions and videos



Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



Hello to the interwebs



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  • dantethascrub -

    Replied to the thread New Generation Metal Shell For Dreamcast.

    Quote from hursit: “I dont have the MODE hardware now and i couldnt test it. But it looks lik MODE will not fit into my case because of the my power switch. When i have started to this projects, MODE wasnt exist . I havent test it with my PSU I can…
  • SnakeGrunger -

    Liked Apocalypse’s post in the thread Finally, multi System 16B (Sega).

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    youtu.be/j21zJoYTvdM Something I've started to work on only recently but done a lot of progress. 30 official games known on this system: - Ace Attacker - Action Fighter - Alien Syndrome - Altered Beast / Jyuohki - Aurail - Bay Route - Bullet -…
  • arttu -

    Liked undamned’s post in the thread InfiniKey-CPS1.

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    Got a batch of boards from my assembler and discovered that the dip switches I chose did not fare well. Discolored during the soldering process and some not functioning reliably. Must have been a really low quality switch to begin with. I've changed…
  • geosnow -

    Replied to the thread Caveman Ninja - Edward Randy Conversion.

    What pictures do you need?
  • pacoarcade -

    Liked capcomFan’s post in the thread Hi from California!.

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    Hi everyone! I've just started to get into collecting arcade boards with the aim to experience these games via original hardware rather than through console ports. I currently have a CPS3 with Darksoft's SuperBios and will soon have a CPS2 with…
  • xodaraP -

    Replied to the thread CPS2 Multikit: Instructions and videos.

    Because not all 4 are connected to the JTAG connector - that's why the pads are there
  • Notsuoh -

    Replied to the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

    Jaycar sell some very good stepdown transformers. You can screw them down also. Various styles available. I also purchased a USA power board really cheap online so that I can connect various things all at once.
  • Notsuoh -

    Replied to the thread Hello to the interwebs.

    Hi, It's a great forum. Have lots of fun. Cheers from Australia.
  • Notsuoh -

    Replied to the thread Hi from California!.

    Hi, It's a great forum