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Home Arcade System



Custom Acrylic Cases for Arcades PCBs



Can anyone ID this PCB?



How to add earth ground.



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  • mR_CaESaR -

    Replied to the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

    The only reason I've ordered from akishop is they seem to be the only retailer that have the sanwa .110 covers. I know focusattack have previously sold them, but they have none in stock. FA or AS are my normal "go to" people for arcade parts - shipping…
  • ekorz -

    Replied to the thread Home Arcade System.

    Quote from The_A_Drain: “Thanks, I'll give it a shot nudging it slightly higher than 5v. ” Use a multimeter if you’re going to try this. First the chips need 5v but the measurement on the HAS is at the jamma edge. There may be small drop-off from…
  • Quote from Zebra: “I think that the only reason to still buy PCBs is if you are either a purist or a collector. If you don't mind it not being perfect then groovymame on a CRT is fine. There is no reason to spend any money on a bootleg. If you are a…
  • Quote from Zebra: “just because good is always good, it does not mean new generations will be prepared to drop loads of cash for original hardware for games they can download for free. The main driver (besides speculation on value increases) for buying…
  • Quote from opt2not: “Bootlegs have their place. A prime example is converting a Bubble Bobble bootleg into The Lost Caves, since the authors now support it. Better than converting an original $400 board (I think they’re priced that much now) into a…
  • ekorz -

    Replied to the thread Custom Acrylic Cases for Arcades PCBs.

    Quote from aimbuster: “@Kundi That looks sweet! And I've never seen a KI pcb without a mounted SSD. Who did those chips replacement? ” Looks like a variation on this, which is easy to source: KI2 DOM (Killer Instinct 2 Disc on Module)