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SEGA System E PCB Repair Service Needed



IONA-PSX: An Open Source PlayStation 1/2 Controller to JVS solution



need help with taito x3 error 2903



Open Source USB to DB15 for Supergun adapter



Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun



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  • nem -

    Liked Smurph’s post in the thread Smurph's VOOT 5.66 cab project thread.

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    Quote from Smurph: “Post reserved for live monitor progress and related rigging/fabrication It works! It's pretty dang cool that they had this as a feature from day 1. livemonitor2.jpg 2020/09/18 - got it set up for gameplay. voot-spectatorscreen.jpg
  • ic3b4ll -

    Replied to the thread SEGA System E PCB Repair Service Needed.

    In that case, nevermind about the amplifier, it's the least of your worries. @Apocalypse was right, it was probably broken when the amplifier was removed. Repairing it will likely be a time consuming and expensive endeavour, there are a lot of failure…
  • mR_CaESaR -

    Liked XeD’s post in the thread Faulty SIMM socket?.

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    I had an issue like this due to improper pin alignment. Most likelyfrom forcing simm into position. With simm install in slot 4 only (or which ever slot is not registering simm) boot up the darksoft menu. Before you go to the flash memory screen, gently…
  • kof9xddt -

    Replied to the thread IONA-PSX: An Open Source PlayStation 1/2 Controller to JVS solution.

    I downloaded the iona346 project,and it works well with my Saturn joypad. It still works, Even I did not connect the capacitor and risistor.