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NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution



JVSCore - Software JVS-Pac for Linux



Display issue on slot MVS MV 1F


Toshiba PF D29C051 convergence issue


Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration



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  • Zepherino -

    Replied to the thread NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution.

    Does this have any significant effect on the current ordering wait list? Mostly wondering to know when to keep a closer eye on PMs when it's my turn.
  • nam9 -

    Liked citrus3000psi’s post in the thread Naomi 2 HDMI.

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    Quote from nam9: “@citrus3000psi do we have confirmation that someone is sending you a Naomi 1 as we speak? ” I'd like to wait until the Noami 2 going first. @Stupid Dufus offered to send me his. He's in JP, so if someone in the states has one that…
  • hoagtech -

    Liked gamefreak054’s post in the thread Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration.

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    Quote from hoagtech: “9. I am dreading applying this. I saw one post that set their rolled graphics out flat for a few days and claimed that help with ripples and bubbles. I'm definitely going to do that ” Just an idea. Hit up craigslist or something…
  • stickcross -

    Replied to the thread JVSCore - Software JVS-Pac for Linux.

    Do you think it's possible to manage two I / O boards to play 4 players or do some versus? It's already very impressive, well done to you
  • bobbydilley -

    Replied to the thread JVSCore - Software JVS-Pac for Linux.

    You should get 5 bytes now, with the service+test at the top, 2 bytes for p1 and 2 bytes for p2. Don't really know why P2B3 wouldn't work? Does it come up in the list if you add the print statements?
  • chunksin -

    Replied to the thread JVSCore - Software JVS-Pac for Linux.

    Yesss!! All working apart from player 2 button 3, presumably it disappears off onto the next byte. Fantastic work! Edit - confirmed detected properly on the last byte of data but no key output Would changing "for (int i = 0; i < switchBytes *…
  • nonosto -

    Posted the thread Display issue on slot MVS MV 1F.

    Hello I have an issue with display very visible on the cross match. Note that, it's the only system with which I have it. I remove the foam below the PCB. Do you have any idea, a component or a capkit to change, if so which…