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How to identify if CPS2 has been converted



Neo Geo MVS MV-1A Won't Go Beyond Garbage Screen



[HAS] JAMMA extension harness



Blast City Marquee Light Ficture



Any PGM Conversion info out there?



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  • xtrasmiley -

    Replied to the thread How to identify if CPS2 has been converted.

    Also add in your post @twistedsymphony that if you are going to Pheonix a board, it's OK, AS LONG AS you use fresh EPROMs and keep the originals (with label) safe, in case down the road you sell it or use a key to bring it back. The worst is seeing…
  • xtrasmiley -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread How to identify if CPS2 has been converted.

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    Quote from vholfx: “Ok so if I'm reading correctly, all conversions go through the phoenix process, so I should see no battery and possibly wires around the board? ” that was true a few years ago, but is now no longer true. Some originals with…
  • ack -

    Replied to the thread Neo Geo MVS MV-1A Won't Go Beyond Garbage Screen.

    If its a static image (watchdog not resetting the board) you might check the clock pin on the 68k. Its pretty common for MV-1A boards to have issues because a high failure rate of the NEO-BUF ICs, which causes all kinds of problems.
  • mathewbeall -

    Liked hursit’s post in the thread New Generation Metal Shell For Dreamcast.

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    Quote from Coyo5050: “Looks great ” Thank you. I have already reach to 100pc MOQ already. Thanks to you for your all support. Im starting to production of Injection Mold and for other parts ;)
  • nem -

    Liked dewmansnk’s post in the thread AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB.

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    PCBs arrived ZHx1m8j.jpg Mounted on the front of the Meanwell PS Paxo9RO.jpg Board with the AC input power connector set in place, my other connectors are in route. uTuy2rB.jpg I will take more pics when I get it fully populated. Still have to…
  • acblunden2 -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread Options for Conversion of this MVS Boot?.

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    Quote from acblunden2: “@twistedsymphony, out of curiosity, are you just looking up the specs of the existing mask roms, then finding comparable EPROM's? Or is there convertor or chart out there somewhere? ” neither. typically you'd look up…