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Horizontal rolling picture on Sanwa PM 1475


KoV bootlegs



Cannon Dancer/Osman Conversion -> The FREE Edition once and for all (JoeMac/Magical Drop pcb)



KI2 DOM (Killer Instinct 2 Disc on Module)



The Real Ghostbusters? (Data East) Repair



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  • Niko -

    Liked rewrite’s post in the thread Using a real NesicaXLive on a Taito X2.

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    Quote from tronbaby: “OK thanks. I have heard of people having the nxl2 service working outside of Japan without an account, so I'd have thought nxl1 would have been done? ” I don't believe anyone has NXL1 or NXL2 working outside of Japan without an…
  • sprayk -

    Now follows Hatsune Mike.

  • davidcoolman -

    Posted the thread Horizontal rolling picture on Sanwa PM 1475.

    Dear all, i recently experience moving picture on the horizontal axis with my pm1745 on a 29" samsung tube. picture would go rapidly right then slow down move left rapidly stabilize and would eventually stay still after a moment. the horizontal sync pot…
  • Jacket -

    Liked nassekova’s post in the thread In this thread we tube and yoke swap monitors.

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    So I got the TV yesterday and today I checked the tube. Seems to be Philips A48ECR43X58 (I seem to get all Philips tubes...). putki_001.jpeg A48ECR43X58.jpeg Yoke seems to be B10-277 type socket. What I read Hantarex MTC9000 can have this or then
  • GC8TECH -

    Replied to the thread KoV bootlegs.

    i have a note in my tech manual that the 3.3V chips do / should work M59PW064 MX26L6420 This is the one i have used with my programmer , and it works. LH28F640B MX29l3211 for 32mbit chips T.