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Pinned A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.



JasensCustoms.com - Darksoft CPS2 Case Setup



Ms. Pac-Man PCB voltage sensitive



PGM2 Language patches ?


Pixel Krisis

Test button on smallcab supergun does not work


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  • DevilsFang -

    Replied to the thread A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame..

    I have my X2 up and running, but I am having a couple of different issues with a few games. Hangs at graphics initialization during system checks and then blue screens and reboots: Arcana Heart 2 Suggio! Arcana Heart 2 Hangs at windows load screen and…
  • Epyc -

    Liked OptimusP’s post in the thread Lets talk Taito Type X3.

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    A multi is possible. I’ve been working on this a lot during the quarantine. Some things I’ve noticed. System will reboot after about 30 min if you’re not in a game or a menu. Even a clean windows install will reboot. Not sure if there’s a timer…
  • meybarra -

    Replied to the thread JasensCustoms.com - Darksoft CPS2 Case Setup.

    I’m figuring out how to vertically mount this in my cab on a piece of plywood. I’m thinking I’ll need to screw into the pcb foot from the back side of the plywood. Does anyone have a better solution?
  • Banane -

    Replied to the thread Ms. Pac-Man PCB voltage sensitive.

    I put in a nearly new Sharp Z80A, LH0080A. It´s the same as with the old CPU. I also changed all electrolyte and disk caps on the board now - just to be sure.
  • Pixel Krisis -

    Replied to the thread PGM2 Language patches ?.

    Quote from MetalliC: “yes ” Losing memory card functionality is the only difference?
  • Simon -

    Posted the thread Test button on smallcab supergun does not work.

    My SmallCab Supergun Deluxe v2.2 (french manual) has buttons on the board for coin1, coin2, service, and test. My game is already set to freeplay, so I'm not sure if the coin buttons work or not, but the test button doesn't seem to. It also has screw…