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SNK P.O.W. daughter board missing + rom size



NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution



Discharging the tube


Pinned Taito F3 Roll-Up Pack: All roms for the F3 kit



VF5FS linking



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  • Layer33 -

    Replied to the thread SNK P.O.W. daughter board missing + rom size.

    That means your roms were already OK, as in MAME memory region saved. You should try rom01 (3), rom02 (4), rom03 (5) and rom04 (6) if the order stamped showed garbages.
  • RandomRetro -

    Replied to the thread NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution.

    +1 for me if there is a slot free on the list.
  • acblunden2 -

    Liked Thchardcore’s post in the thread Taito F3. Get your cart here.

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    I didn't get to sleep until 3, but most of that was me up playing. :) Took me around 30 minutes, most of which was getting the LCD screen in it's holder. Very pleased with this. Setup was simple. Now to get the M72 installed. I've had the roms burned for…
  • opt2not -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread SEGA SYSTEM-16 MULTI - OLED BASED GAME SELECTOR.

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    INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - SET all dips of the S16 multi dipswitch to OFF. - Connect the 3 pin JST XH connector of the included wiring harness to the main PCB of the S16 OLED games selector. - Connect the 4 pin DuPont housing to CN5. - Dock the S16 OLED…
  • erzane -

    Posted the thread Discharging the tube.

    When discharging the tube, should I first : 1. disconnect DC, disconnect all wires linked to the chassis (neckboard wire, rotation VL connector, coil, video), then discharge the tube, then extract the sucker? 2. disconeect DC, first discharge the tube…
  • Mrhide -

    Replied to the thread SNK P.O.W. daughter board missing + rom size.

    Thanks! and what the hell || D:\roms\pow\out>fc 01.bin rom01.bin Comparing files 01.bin and ROM01.BIN FC: no differences encountered Comparing files 02.bin and ROM02.BIN FC: no differences encountered Comparing files 03.bin and ROM03.BIN FC: no…