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Vewlix/nnc with xbox360



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  • Quote from kuze: “Lol it's just a one byte bug fix that Capcom implemented themselves, you guys are blowing this out of proportion. There's no reason to beat a dead horse, let's just be thankful to @MetalliC for making this happen. Petty bickering can…
  • BlinG -

    Replied to the thread InfiniKey-CPS2.

    Quote from wigsplitta: “ Quick FYI for others - all the info I've read refers to the CN9 connector, but my board has it labelled CN1 HSF2J 031222 Board revision 97691A-4 Infiniky Jumper "OPEN FOR 93646B-5" soldered closed
  • mugen_ketsueki -

    Replied to the thread Games with Issues.

    MVS Multi. Latest Firmware & Menu Updates. Beta 3.1 3/4/2019 Smokemonster pack. So this is why i am asking is something wrong with the roms or did i get the wrong pack? Cause this was on Megaupload a few weeks ago.
  • ita123 -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun.

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  • Mitsurugi-w -

    Replied to the thread Games with Issues.

    This is on MVS? That's very strange. I've not had issues with those games. MVS multi is generally very reliable.
  • mugen_ketsueki -

    Replied to the thread Games with Issues.

    Well i am trying to play them and nothing is working so i am trying to see why that is. I recapped the board today and got unibios 4.0 installed today as well. So the board should be ok. The trace was cut on the multi so that's ok. Only problem is if…
  • rewrite -

    Replied to the thread Vewlix/nnc with xbox360.

    Path of least resistance is to grab an official Microsoft 360 vga cable, and one of the Brooks boards.
  • Tjohejsan -

    Posted the thread Vewlix/nnc with xbox360.

    I have been thinking about hook up. Xbox 360 to a Vewlix or a Nnc cab. I am a completly noob at game consoles to cabinets. What do i need? Is there some type of board to make button Joystick work?
  • Darksoft -

    Replied to the thread Games with Issues.

    Quote from mugen_ketsueki: “For whatever reason when i try to load Last blade 2, Art of fighting 3 or garou or metal slug 3. It blue screens for whatever reason. ” Only with those games? That doesnt make any sense.