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Any PGM Conversion info out there?



Club Kart CRIS system not working



Sega universal racing cab



CPS-3 Custom METAL Case Pre-Order



Good quality Jamma extension cables ?



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  • ArcadeMachinist -

    Liked Tjohejsan’s post in the thread Sega universal racing cab.

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    This is my little projekt i have been working on. Its not ready yet. Have some things to do. It is a crazy taxi upright from the beginning. I built the box for the pedals so that i can sit and play :thumbsup: Change the speakers. Painted it Metallic blue and…
  • Asure -

    Replied to the thread Any PGM Conversion info out there?.

    I've got coin cell holders a plenty, and am covered by Paypal if this doesn't work out. (Also sheep had none available on Ebay when i looked.)
  • fsckewe -

    Replied to the thread Club Kart CRIS system not working.

    I'm pretty sure this is specific to the CK. It's pretty awesome, because you don't have to use a card to track and build your kart. So you can play all 4 classes and all tracks whenever the fuck you want. But is mine broke!!!! If you read the card…
  • nem -

    Replied to the thread Club Kart CRIS system not working.

    I had no idea there was such a thing! Does any of the other games that utilize cards have one?
  • keropi -

    Liked MoppelTheWhale’s post in the thread Are there any firmware updates for the F3 multi cart?.

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    nope - f3 itself can be bitchy working with upscalers, but the ,multi itself is so far the easiest one i have :thumbup: