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AMDEK dual color/monochrome monitor


Dodonpachi 2 - Bee Storm troubleshooting



Last Bronx conversion to Sonic the Fighters


Tailsnic Retroworks

Jamma Fingerboards



Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods



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  • nem -

    Liked Tailsnic Retroworks’s post in the thread Last Bronx conversion to Sonic the Fighters.

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    Quote from ekorz: “I probably convinced him the 40pins are all 27c4002. That’s just what’s worked for my Last Bronx so listen to @TheDeath on those two chips since he’s built one! You can check with a multimeter for which pin is power if you want to be…
  • VWI -

    Posted the thread AMDEK dual color/monochrome monitor.

    I have an AMDEK Color monitor that has a monochrome button on it. My question is not about the monochrome mode but more about the 9 pin D-Sub connector. I have a AXUN SuperGun with the DIN8P TO SCART-EUR on order and currently have an OSSC. My question…
  • nassekova -

    Replied to the thread Dodonpachi 2 - Bee Storm troubleshooting.

    Which chips are the SRAM? I don't have a hot air station but I guess I could lift them off leg-by-leg like I did with MVS BIOS and solder new ones in if they still are available. I can also trace the other GAL if new SRAM won't fix the issue.