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Astro City MS8 Pinout


Capcom ZN-2 Stereo Breakout board



Pinned Taito F3. Get your cart here



NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution


ChuChu Flamingo

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  • peradam -

    Posted the thread Astro City MS8 Pinout.

    I have an Astro City with a Nanao MS8. The previous owner had done some repairs on the cabinet and had removed the 15 pin AMP-UP connector from the chassis and spliced the wires directly onto the power/RGB lines. I'm now trying to add the 15 pin…
  • kazuyajin1080 -

    Replied to the thread Capcom ZN-2 Stereo Breakout board.

    I would like to order one for my ZN2 board~. Can we purchase this pre-assembled :)
  • ThisGuy -

    Liked BlinG’s post in the thread Nanao MS-2931.

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    Quote from mR_CaESaR: “Oh wow is that how much they cost? Didn't realise they were that expensive =O =O ” they’re not. That’s just someone who bought a shitload on taobao and is hitting people with no Vaseline on eBay reselling
  • IPD -

    Replied to the thread Taito F3. Get your cart here.

    Gah! I was about to order one, and now saveyourgames.it is out of stock. Any idea when a new batch of multis will be available?
  • ChuChu Flamingo -

    Replied to the thread NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution.

    Can't see it but your interference might be from not grounding the AC portion of your PSU earth ground. Leaving it floating can cause those types of issues. Symbol%20G7_Earth.JPG
  • Darksoft -

    Liked hursit’s post in the thread --> Get your CPS2 Multi game here!!!! <--.

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    ı want one 8o