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Servicing cab without line AC



MSTREET-6 Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Bootleg: Restore & Upgrades


Hatsune Mike

Hello from Hawaii!



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  • KingSopz -

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    Quote from ekorz: “like 5.05 when everything is plugged in - HAS and pcb. ” I keep mine a little higher at v5.08, because yea some PCBs draw a little extra juice.
  • Derick2k -

    Replied to the thread Servicing cab without line AC.

    Climate controlled for sure/indoors. You are explaining your stuff to extreme temps and humidity.
  • Smurph -

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    Just tap power somewhere in the building. My storage unit place has service outlets throughout for the cleaning staff. So you could use those. I got lucky and know the manager, so he let me hook up outlets and lights. So yeah, just ask them at your…
  • Smurph -

    Replied to the thread Servicing cab without line AC.

    Northeast US. My storage unit is non-climate controlled and outdoors unfortunately. I'll check around for some AC next time I'm there. I should probably move to somewhere climate controlled in the near future if this is going to keep being a hobby for…