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Official Interest list for Namco NA System Multi by Hammy (PCB design by Caius Arcade Repairs & Engineering)



Pinned STV Cartridge instructions and trouble shooting



Neo Geo Track Ball Games



Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



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  • Just to know, will you contact us by PM when it's our turn? Thanks
  • Fargon -

    Liked Darksoft’s post in the thread Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread.

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    This weekend there should be a new FW release.
  • TheDeath -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread PCB Repair.

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    The books was the boss, but now google makes finding datasheets so much faster. Prob. never need to look in those books again... The size and weight of the books makes me tempted to ditch them and use that shelf for more interesting looking junk. but if…
  • TheDeath -

    Liked Apocalypse’s post in the thread PCB Repair.

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    Quote from TheDeath: “Get a copy of "ON SEMICONDUCTOR TTL data book". ” Funny you say that, a couple of days ago I was doing some spring cleaning in my stuff and found those old books (TTL, RAM, etc.) I haven't used for years cause it's all in my…
  • djsheep -

    Liked xb74’s post in the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

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    I can confirm you gotta go overseas for Seimitsu. Local places seem to want to try selling you the Zippy joystick which is a (very good) knockoff of the LS32. No Ultimarc stockist in Aus either. Never found a Brook stockist locally either. Ebay or…
  • Soundmazta -

    Replied to the thread STV Cartridge instructions and trouble shooting.

    Yes what I thought, but when I change the jumpers then often it reloads the already booted game and doesn't install a new one. That's why I was asking. Didn't want to install the reset wire cause I them also have to update the firmware I thought...