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Looking For Soul Calibur II Arcade Artwork



Escarioth's Aluminum Cases



Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.



Pana Twin or Sigma Raijin?



Pinned Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)



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  • hoagtech -

    Liked Escarioth’s post in the thread Escarioth's Aluminum Cases.

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    Quote from hoagtech: “Are you planning on doing other multi cases? I would love a metal m-72, STV, F3 or even an aluminum MVS cart would be dope. ” For each pcb i own, ill try my best to make a case. If i end up with a multi, you bet ill make one :)
  • KSTVL -

    Replied to the thread Looking For Soul Calibur II Arcade Artwork.

    Second artworks looks like its for SC1 any way you can scan those for me?
  • Escarioth -

    Replied to the thread Escarioth's Aluminum Cases.

    ok im not a pro among pros.....but i can still make stuff like that. if you have better ideas, i accept any help lol for single games (not multi) i can come up with something around the original arts from the game
  • Quick announcement, next month I plan to do another run of Console JAMMAizers. This time instead of pre-orders I am going to have all of the parts in hand in advance so you can simply order one and have it assembled and shipped within a few days. As a…
  • laevateinn -

    Liked TMF68k’s post in the thread Finally, multi System 16B (Sega).

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    Please add me to the list, Two V1s please.