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CPS2 A board problem



Mortal Kombat 1 - DOA



What board to go after for Multi



Is there any small lcd that can accept cga or vga?


Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



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  • GeeDee -

    Liked rewrite’s post in the thread What board to go after for Multi.

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    Quote from jassin000: “Quote from St4rgalaqtic: “I really don't want to suicide this board on purpose as I am guessing its still running on battery as it doesn't look to have ever been opened. ” No way thats an original battery, it would have…
  • obitus1990 -

    Replied to the thread CPS2 A board problem.

    Located the problem...the cap right next to the A --> B connector. The legs were too close together to begin with, I'm sure, and maybe somehow the cap got some compression from me disconnecting and reconnecting the the two boards. Anyway, I desoldered…
  • Bluetear -

    Liked Hatsune Mike’s post in the thread Yoke and tube specs for monitors.

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  • 98pacecar -

    Replied to the thread Mortal Kombat 1 - DOA.

    Quote from Frank_fjs: “Well done! Love a happy ending. ” I must have missed that day in repair school!! Lol!! Quote from jassin000: “Quote from 98pacecar: “but it did have the Kombo board add-on so it was worth grabbing ” This makes it less…