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Neo Geo Track Ball Games



New Generation Metal Shell For Dreamcast



Custom Taito F3 Red DarkSoft Multi PCB plates From Lions3



Escarioth's Aluminum Cases



Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration



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  • Apocalypse -

    Replied to the thread Neo Geo Track Ball Games.

    Quote from twistedsymphony: “it's a JAMMA pass-through in additional to that small ~8 pin harness with blue wires (CON1) that plugs into the side of the mobo ” That's the important part for me now. I imagine it would be connected to the data bus and…
  • Darksoft -

    Liked Escarioth’s post in the thread Escarioth's Aluminum Cases.

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    worked allllll night to get it done. (1:40am here) I really wanted to ship it by tomorrow :) you guys waited so long, and i dont know how long the shipping will be just got an adaptor for a Mr.do a few days ago....took 3 months to get…
  • Loki -

    Liked Escarioth’s post in the thread Escarioth's Aluminum Cases.

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    Took like forever x_x Hope ill never get a 20 order of tmnt. It gonna take me days to cut and fit. At least now the hard part is done. Tomorow i install and start making boxes :D
  • ShootTheCore -

    Liked rewrite’s post in the thread Dangun Feveron Background Lines.

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    Quote from ArcSys101: “The board is very clean Maybe im gonna give it another good cleaning in the jamma edge ” Try cleaning the supergun JAMMA connector too. Can't hurt anyway!