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IC: Sega Swing repro panel 9.15.2020 updated!



Sega Model2/3 - JAMMA Adapter Thread



PGM single game PCB interest check



Modding a Sega Saturn HSS-0136 stick



Pinned The Definitive Guide to Fixing Your CPS2 Multi Kit



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  • Flinnster -

    Liked thegreathopper’s post in the thread 4 Player IGS PGM adapter (cable replacement).

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    Quote from Flinnster: “I've been looking to make up a cable to link 2x cabs up for some 4 player fun also. The official cable seems crazy expensive, I'm sure I found the pinout online for it. The only question mark is the white component on the player…
  • Flinnster -

    Liked nassekova’s post in the thread DoDonPachi DaiOuJou conversion graphical glitches.

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    Quote from Flinnster: “I'm quite shocked at the thickness of the wire you've been replacing it with, what guage is that?! Hmm... could I run another set of kynar alongside the existing I wonder.. Also, if there are vias next to all those pin legs, why…
  • wataru330 -

    Replied to the thread IC: Sega Swing repro panel 9.15.2020 updated!.

    Hot diggity! I’m in for a trackball, a 4L 16B, and a 3L 9B. I’ll look around for a trackball to send you also. Thanks!
  • twistedsymphony -

    Replied to the thread Sega Model2/3 - JAMMA Adapter Thread.

    Quote from biggestsonicfan: “Spikeout requires additional wiring for the sound source board. ” yes, this is one of the games that uses the DSB2, and the additional wiring is likely that audio mixer pcb I mentioned earlier as well as maybe some…