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Killer Instinct Dual Board



Furrtek Neo Geo CD SDLoader is ready.


I'm new



Model 2 /3 Security hacks



Fighter Impact convert to ver.A



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  • tamfab -

    Replied to the thread Killer Instinct Dual Board.

    Does anyone have the ki1 upgrade board schematics or pinouts. (the adapter board for running ki2 on ki1 pcb).. I think mine is faulty and would like to diagnose the prob...
  • Kujako -

    Posted the thread Furrtek Neo Geo CD SDLoader is ready..

    Got email notification and placed an order for the Furrtek Neo Geo CD SDLoader. Going to take awhile to get here from France, but once I have it in hand I plan on putting it in my "spare" Neo Geo CD top-loader which has a broken lid. I'll post a review…
  • Robbbert -

    Liked ekorz’s post in the thread I'm new.

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    Many members here contribute to MAME. Some others have built or contributed to other emulators. I’d say everyone here likes original hardware in some way or the other but that doesn’t mean we dislike emulation. Emulation is a primary means of…
  • Robbbert -

    Liked Derick2k’s post in the thread I'm new.

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    Not judgy at all, but you will get responses from people on their point of view :D I myself started down the path of using a Mister FPGA, and also had a buddy build me a dedicated mame pc for use in my vewlix cab. Play on whatever you like, whatever…
  • Robbbert -

    Liked SNK-NEO-GEO’s post in the thread I'm new.

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    Welcome..,we have no hate here for emulators or LCD vs CRT; game on whatever fits your needs.,a lot of helpful and knowledgeable people here and willing to offer their 2 cents.