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How to get games on my Blast City



IREM PCB Dragon Breed M72 no sprites, RAM NG, ROM OK



Candy Cabs. Hoagtech's PLOG.



Battery concern


I won Gunslinger Stratos HDD with dongle at auction to view data (music, video, etc.)



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  • wuemura -

    Liked hardyhell’s post in the thread Capcom Q-Sound amp help?.

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    Quote from wuemura: “Quote from hardyhell: “So an new astro City will not be able to benefit of the Q Sound because the speakers are not alligned that way as in the Capcom cab? i have a nvs 4000 in use with the cps2 and 3 and planning to get These…
  • nem -

    Replied to the thread How to get games on my Blast City.

    Quote from MeNewVegas: “I need to troubleshoot why P1 and P2 button 2 did not work on the guys PCB we used. In the CP they are correctly connected to the buttons and into the respective slot in the P1 and P2 connector. ” First off, swap over the GND…
  • xtrasmiley -

    Liked Arthrimus’s post in the thread Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES..

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    Quote from Frank_fjs: “I don't plan on selling these on a regular basis, just a few here and there. @Arthrimus I'll be sending you a $5 donation for each adapter sold. ” That's very generous Frank, you have no obligation to do that, I work on these…
  • Hammy -

    Replied to the thread IREM PCB Dragon Breed M72 no sprites, RAM NG, ROM OK.

    The fujitsu dual ram does MCU stuff, game won't boot if that's faulty so that's ok. Are the other 2 rams you have circled the work ram? again i think will be ok.
  • nem -

    Replied to the thread Candy Cabs. Hoagtech's PLOG..

    Quote from hoagtech: “So much more clicky. I really like how the yellow ones turned out. ” The yellow ones are genuine Sanwa. Green (seafoam green?) ones are knock-offs. You can instantly tell from the quality of the plastic.
  • Carnov -

    Posted the thread Battery concern.

    Greetings I've just received my MultiMVS cart and while I was looking through the instructions, I noticed that it mentioned something about the battery. While my current battery is dead, is it really necessary to have the battery? I am planning to…
  • Quote from helvetica: “lmao I fucking wish or I wouldn't be wasting time working on a matchmaking server for my two cabs :')” Oh wow. Have you gotten far with it?
  • sk8er000 -

    Liked Darksoft’s post in the thread Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions.

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    Both should theoretically work the same.