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Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun



Neo Geo Track Ball Games



Sega Megalo 410



Official Interest list for Namco NA System Multi by Hammy (PCB design by Caius Arcade Repairs & Engineering)



DoDonPachi DaiOuJou conversion graphical glitches



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  • buffi -

    Replied to the thread Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun.

    Awesome! That means just two more people until it's my turn :P This project seems amazing and looking forward to this a lot.
  • twistedsymphony -

    Replied to the thread Neo Geo Track Ball Games.

    what makes you think pop'n bounce is a trackball game? it looks like it should use a spinner.
  • dennydevito -

    Liked Mitsurugi-w’s post in the thread Finally, multi System 16B (Sega).

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    Quote from dennydevito: “Can i get added to this list pls? ” Done
  • nam9 -

    Liked Segasonicfan’s post in the thread Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0.

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    Update: Boards arrived! Doing assembly and testing now. Strongly considring the Viletim/Martin Jones circuit as my next design, since I now have a prototyping mill in house to work with and some parts ordered. More updates and pics later this week!
  • tiff_lee -

    Replied to the thread Sega Megalo 410.

    Quote from kazanova225: “My mount finally arrived. I’m picking up a cab in santa cruz this weekend but after that i will be doing some fitting and testing with. Any advice from those who have already installed a mount like distance and angle?
  • tiff_lee -

    Liked LWK’s post in the thread Sega Megalo 410.

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    I repaired my benq I got off ebay for under 120$. Also got rid of the crappy Jamma harness I put in there and installed a Bob Roberts in it's place. Back on track!