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Escarioth's Aluminum Cases



CPS2 A board sound issue



Toei A292 Chassis


Reporting Twitter Fake Account



JasensCustoms.com - Darksoft CPS2 Case Setup



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  • Escarioth -

    Replied to the thread Escarioth's Aluminum Cases.

    Took like forever x_x Hope ill never get a 20 order of tmnt. It gonna take me days to cut and fit. At least now the hard part is done. Tomorow i install and start making boxes :D
  • Frank_fjs -

    Replied to the thread CPS2 A board sound issue.

    Great! :)
  • Frank_fjs -

    Liked nonosto’s post in the thread CPS2 A board sound issue.

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    Quote from Frank_fjs: “Did you try resetting the volume settings? Hold down the volume up button upon power on. ” Wonderful it's working.
  • LWK -

    Posted the thread Toei A292 Chassis.

    This chassis originally did not work... Swapped the HOT, it fired up... I had even recapped it. It was great, screen looked good, it was finally working again. Well, then the HOT blew again, large squeal sound that was there originally. Thought maybe it…
  • Gonzo -

    Liked skate323k137’s post in the thread Reporting Twitter Fake Account.

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    I left because Finisterre came here with good intentions and more hacking skills than 99% of us, myself included. He got shit on left and right for publishing good data here, regardless of generation of hardware or sega support. Sega doesn't give a…
  • popinadam -

    Replied to the thread Reporting Twitter Fake Account.

    A wise man once said ... "it goes down in the DM". I'm an outsider also that hasn't been around very long and even so somehow found myself, if even for a moment, part of whatever "conflict" has lingered between parties involved here. I'm all for…