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New Vewlix F Owner, so many questions



PCB Repair


Stupid Dufus

Pinned Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread



Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



Fixing a dead Ketsui PCB



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  • ekorz -

    Replied to the thread New Vewlix F Owner, so many questions.

    Lotta good general info here too: Taito Vewlix (VLX) Appreciation/Owners Thread
  • Stupid Dufus -

    Replied to the thread PCB Repair.

    Quote from Apocalypse: “Funny you say that, a couple of days ago I was doing some spring cleaning in my stuff and found those old books (TTL, RAM, etc.) I haven't used for years cause it's all in my head now. What a waste! I could use that memory space…
  • modraw -

    Replied to the thread Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread.

    On my side I got WAY less glitches with the latest FW. I can barely spot some while playing MOTW but didn"t notice on other games yet.
  • kuze -

    Liked bytestorm’s post in the thread Irem M92/M107 conversions: all sound ROMs decrypted.

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    Undercover Cops Alpha R was the title I was longing the most after to play.. but man did I get dissapointed.. :( Its very nice and cool in the first 2 levels, but after a couple of levels it get very dull imo.. and the last stage is just long, repetetive…
  • djsheep -

    Liked Dzhay’s post in the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

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    So I am interested, but whatI want will be quite annoying because I want a variety of button colours :P (all seimitsu for a super neo) and a couple of OBSF-24s, together with the JIS screwdriver.
  • djsheep -

    Liked djcalle’s post in the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

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    Quote from djsheep: “Best bet would usually be akishop.jp in Japan who stock both Seimitsu, Brook and many other nice items. My last few orders from them have taken a very long time (2-3 months) and this was pre-Coronavirus. My last order was a mess…
  • djsheep -

    Liked danzk’s post in the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

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    My experience with akishop ording some buttons was that it took them about a month to actually get them shipped out. I didn't get any replies to my questions either.