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Namco System22 Ram Error



This place is Awesome.



Best CPS2 game to Multi



Pinned Taito F3. Sales Open. Get your cart here



Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun



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  • olum64 -

    Replied to the thread Namco System22 Ram Error.

    hello so my friend got his time crisis to test I have now inserted the video board Ram error gone! but graphics errors then I still used the DSP board still graphics errors his time crisis works perfectly all pcb good unfortunately i didn't put my…
  • PascalP -

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    Quote from PascalP: “Wow, some great stuff you got there :thumbsup: Ow and please share some pics of your pinballs, sure lots of people love it! ” @PascalP I’ve redone two pins so far. A 2003 Stern simpsons pinball party and a 1993 Gottleib Mario Bro’s. So…
  • PascalP -

    Replied to the thread This place is Awesome..

    Looking good man!!! :thumbsup:
  • gpbear4 -

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    Quote from Morfeo: “Finally received my HAS which I am very excited about! I do have a few questions though, that I hope can be answered. First, I have so far used the cheap retroelectronic supergun sold from France. This worked well with a PC power…
  • Redferatu -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread Best CPS2 game to Multi.

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    whatever you can buy cheap.