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Blast City General Questions



"The Arcade PCB Case" for multi Irem M72



Is there any small lcd that can accept cga or vga?



Last Bronx conversion to Sonic the Fighters



Namco Noir advice



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  • clam_wattson -

    Liked hoagtech’s post in the thread Blast City General Questions.

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    Quote from ebzero89: “Quote from slevin: “Quote from Mrhide: “I am running a naomi netdimm setup directly on my (recapped) Blast power supply. You do NOT need another one. ” Quote from nnap: “Same here, recapped PSU, JVS/Jamma harness and…
  • clam_wattson -

    Replied to the thread Blast City General Questions.

    Also have an FR-301 over here. And you're right, always start on the lowest heat setting and only turn it up if you hit a big thermal mass. Regular maintenance and following the guidelines for cleaning will help avoid clogs.
  • Semload -

    Replied to the thread "The Arcade PCB Case" for multi Irem M72.

    Quote from LittleLarrySellers: “Very sexy! Like the game selection graphics too. ” Thank you! It took me some time to find a logical way to make the scheme work with icons, because if you look at the board in front, the microswitch is the other way…
  • ShootTheCore -

    Liked Semload’s post in the thread "The Arcade PCB Case" for multi Irem M72.

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    Quote from jassin000: “Amazing looking! Do you have plans to add support for more/different PCBs/Multis in the future? ” Yes, the prototype for the CPS1 should be ready at the end of the month. Then in September I will also do the one for System 16.