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16B & M72 - Multi Game Selectors



Irem M84 Conversions






Namco System 256 Multi Build?



Sega Universal Upright conversion



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  • tom5151 -

    Replied to the thread 16B & M72 - Multi Game Selectors.

    Installed mine on M72 ans everything is working fine. Thanks
  • KingSopz -

    Liked CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES’s post in the thread Get your MultiMVS Here:.

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    Quote from KingSopz: “@CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES I order my Multi MVS yesterday, would i be included in the current batch to be shipped? ” Yes, we have opened the preorder, if you can do the preorder you will be sure to get one on the july batch
  • Hammy -

    Replied to the thread Irem M84 Conversions.

    Hopefully :) It should allow different top board pals like RT2 or kengo [hopefully without crippled ranges?] change the code over to the new pallet pal and hopefully fix the last issue. 3 wires should be easy enough to get a result later today ;)
  • Arcade game -

    Liked Mitsurugi-w’s post in the thread Glorious Irem M72 multi.

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    Eproms all arrived today and all remaining people on the PM list have been contacted!
  • acblunden2 -

    Replied to the thread Irem M84 Conversions.

    Can't be that simple, can it?
  • acblunden2 -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread Irem M84 Conversions.

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    Quote from Hammy: “As i said above more to it than than a gal + rom swap, there must be a jumper or something stopping the cpu from booting / reading the roms correctly. ” Quote from Hammy: “won't work due to some unknown thing like a…
  • acblunden2 -

    Replied to the thread Minigun.

    Did you: 1. Use solder paste and a rework station, or 2. Have some fabricator bake the prototype for you, or 3. Are you a virtuoso at hand soldering? Because between that proto and the sync pulse generator you posted, the solder work looks fantastic for…