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CPS2 I/O Interface



Broken Taito JVS I/O for TTX



Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.



Conversion of single layer Taito Cup Finals PCB to something else?



Custom wooden Naomi MvC 2 Case



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  • mthngn -

    Replied to the thread CPS2 I/O Interface.

    Hi Could you please help me to install my CPS2 AV Digital. I have takken some picture (there is no picture about 5V but it is normaly OK...) You can see I damage 2 lines (picture 7) is it the problem? The video out is always OK from may supergun but…
  • tronbaby -

    Replied to the thread Broken Taito JVS I/O for TTX.

    Hi Niko, I tried a few more times, disconnecting and connecting and I get nothing in your multi. So I plugged in a Tatsunoko vs Capcom game instead and looked in the Test mode at the inputs. It was working in that with the exception of button 4 (kick…
  • I just wanted to close-the-loop on this issue I was having: Quote from opt2not: “JAMMAizer users: has anyone encountered an issue where if you’re hold a diagonal on either P1 or P2, then press a button, the jammaizer triggers the start button, or…
  • invzim -

    Liked Pigminted’s post in the thread Custom wooden Naomi MvC 2 Case.

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    The original case looked boring so I decided to remake it with the 4 god-tier characters. The PCB board fits, but doesn't stay in the wooden version. Since I didn't have a Naomi system to test if it actually fits I decided to leave it at…
  • mathewbeall -

    Liked dannahan’s post in the thread CPS2 Multi Key Writing Quick Solder Board.

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    This is my install on a 936468-3 board. I really like this solution! Thanks Arthrimus! Y6flNON.jpg BLTcG4n.jpg iJKPIlO.jpg N6FEei1.jpg MSFmv6C.jpg More