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Martin Jones Sync Pulse Generator: A Layman in Need of Help with a Schematic



Pinned Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread



Where to buy Everdrives in EU



Home Arcade System



Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES.



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  • drfunk2k -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread Painting CPS2 B shell.

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    In preparation of the multi, I'd like to paint a green Japanese B shell that I have that is rather filthy. I've given it a thorough clean but it's still not the best. I have no idea what was spilled on it in a past life but whatever it is, it's quite bad…
  • @nam9 Although I'd like to incorporate a H+V sync combiner my priority is improving the basics first. I've ordered some pcbs of this new version, will share results once tested. Although I can share the gerbers with anyone interested (just send me a PM)…
  • meybarra -

    Replied to the thread Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread.

    In my case the R193 track is not severed. I think I’ll leave it alone and just remember to lower the voltage when I use the cart with a MV1FS.

    Replied to a comment by ITATTRACTS on YanoArcade’s wall.

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    I see it says "NO Jamma" in the body of your post, what does that mean exactly? The only Fixeight boards I've ever seen all have Jamma connection. Can you clarify? Also, what would total cost be shipped to NYC? Thanks for your time!
  • hardyhell -

    Replied to the thread Where to buy Everdrives in EU.

    Quote:”60 days from day that we sent it to you, and yes we can refund or resend a new one, and you have to know that now there is no any issue with shipping and packages that we send now comes faster than that was shipped before new year. Its a huge…