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Repro MVS U4 panel for 25" / 29" / 33"


Cesar medina

IGS Motherboard PGM Revision 3 information


Games that don't have Attract Mode during Free Play



General pcb repair / tool usage section?



Pinned replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?



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  • AlxUnderBase -

    Liked kinox51’s post in the thread Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun.

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    Hey there, It's been some time since my last post about the case. It has taken some time to get the new revision but on friday it has finaly arrived. The main issues I had was the missing space for the nut in the front. Two small cutouts solved that…
  • Fluffy -

    Liked arcadeqc’s post in the thread PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting.

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    Assembled my “dev” board with sockets to test my eeproms. Great success with my first set for Espgaluda! I’ll transfer these to a bare board to fit in an enclosure. Makes me think I should have gotten a 4th pcb...
  • Cesar medina -

    Replied to the thread Repro MVS U4 panel for 25" / 29" / 33".

    Hi Alberto Sorry Don't look at your previous message, I'm interested in buying a control panel for SNK 29 Thanks !