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Blast City Marquee Light Ficture



[HAS] JAMMA extension harness



Any PGM Conversion info out there?



Conversion of single layer Taito Cup Finals PCB to something else?



Neo Geo Consolization questions..


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  • hoagtech -

    Replied to the thread Blast City Marquee Light Ficture.

    Maybe you could help me find that info for Aero City. The full kits are like $80 and I don’t want to pay that
  • ack -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread Options for Conversion of this MVS Boot?.

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    Quote from acblunden2: “@twistedsymphony, out of curiosity, are you just looking up the specs of the existing mask roms, then finding comparable EPROM's? Or is there convertor or chart out there somewhere? ” neither. typically you'd look up…
  • MoppelTheWhale -

    Liked Derick2k’s post in the thread How to identify if CPS2 has been converted.

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    Now make a sticky of the post above so that other people that want to be informed know whats up, makes it very clear what to look for.
  • MoppelTheWhale -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread How to identify if CPS2 has been converted.

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    Quote from vholfx: “Ok so if I'm reading correctly, all conversions go through the phoenix process, so I should see no battery and possibly wires around the board? ” that was true a few years ago, but is now no longer true. Some originals with…
  • Derick2k -

    Liked RGB’s post in the thread [HAS] JAMMA extension harness.

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    Way overdue, but I'm happy to announce that the first run of my JAMMA extension harness is ready! - Supergun dedicated (not only for the HAS) - Hard gold plated JAMMA edge contacts - ~60cm cables length (~68cm total length) - 2x16AWG for GND, 2x16AWG for…
  • opt2not -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread SEGA System 16 Multi - Review.

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    Incidentally, I've been enjoying Bullet. Not a game I'd played before, thanks to the multi I can discover and enjoy new games. Using a Neo CD pad with buttons mapped accordingly, it works really well. I've been playing Xeno Crisis a lot recently so the…