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Another Australian



Pinned Naomi Maple Adapters Available from Mitsurugi-w



Lindbergh JVS IO issue



What does a suicided CPS3 cart look like when powered up?



PCB safe adhesives?



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  • djsheep -

    Replied to the thread Another Australian.

    Quote from xb74: “Quote from djsheep: “Gday and welcome. also, Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread ” Onto it Also wanted to ask you, are you the same Dj Sheep of the Terntable Jedis Jediz? ” Yep :)
  • Arthrimus -

    Replied to the thread Lindbergh JVS IO issue.

    Are you disconnecting the stock lindbergh PSU when you switch systems? The stock PSU provides cabinet power in addition to powering the PCB so if you disconnect it your I/O board will no longer receive power.
  • dannahan -

    Replied to the thread Naomi Maple Adapters Available from Mitsurugi-w.

    JiTb5Sg.jpgSMeQWNp.jpg imgur.com/a/3AHDFtu complete. Thanks mitsurugi-w
  • opt2not -

    Replied to the thread What does a suicided CPS3 cart look like when powered up?.

    Quote from opt2not: “Thanks guys, I’m talking to mitsurugi-w about getting it superBios’d. ” :thumbsup: Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your opinions. Like I already said, I’ll get it SuperBios’d and move on.
  • glocknyne -

    Liked beast1x5’s post in the thread PGM multicart interest check.

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    if a PGM multicart comes to fruition best believe I'm throwing all the money at it. Especially for the english translations , cave conversions and most importantly , killing blade & Martial masters
  • tronbaby -

    Posted the thread Lindbergh JVS IO issue.

    Hi all, I've got a Lindbergh Universal cab and when I play a Lindbergh multi using the proper power connectors, the Sega Type 3 IO board powers up and works just fine. I've tried different JVS systems - RingEdge 2, TTX2, but when I connect the USB JVS…
  • rewrite -

    Replied to the thread PCB safe adhesives?.

    Quote from stj: “i wouldnt bother - it's only for shipping. or use UHU. ” I've read a fair few posts about reducing whine by using adhesive on the filter caps and flyback to reduce vibration. Can't hurt to try, it was on there originally.
  • rewrite -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread Namco NA1 & NA2 CONVERSIONS.

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    Right now the project is stalled as i don't have the roms (or ram) yet :( There's a few different packs of roms now from different places so one will turn up soon. For the ram i can hack some atmel crap ram in for testing. By going old - school spec. on…