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IGS PGM Cart PCB Scans (And Projects)



Howdy from TX



Question about cps1 final fight



Pinned A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.



Pinned Taito F3 Roll-Up Pack: All roms for the F3 kit



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  • nem -

    Liked l_oliveira’s post in the thread New CPS2 Multigame Firmware with Key Writing!!!!!!.

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    The jumpers have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on the CPS2 MULTI. The purpose of the jumpers were select the function of the pin 32 (BYTE on 27C160, A20 on 27C322) . The CPS2 multi does not use the pin 32 at all, it collects A20 bus signal from the white…
  • digitron -

    Replied to the thread IGS PGM Cart PCB Scans (And Projects).

    Made a BOM on Digi-key for anyone else who might be re-capping their Rev. 14 board - digikey.com/BOM/Create/CreateSharedBom?bomId=7944975
  • JoeAwesome -

    Replied to the thread Howdy from TX.

    Quote from ataloss: “Austin, you? ” I’ve been meaning to go back to Austin for Arcade UFO (it’s been about a decade), but the last few times it’s to go to Wrestle Circus :thumbsup:
  • Yippikaye -

    Liked ack’s post in the thread Brezzasoft Crystal System conversions.

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    I was able to figure out what the unknown field is by debugging/disassembling the bios with mame. Its a 32bit hash/crc of the filename. The following code can be used to generate the hash/crc values. C Source Code (44 lines) Source Code (2…
  • nem -

    Replied to the thread Question about cps1 final fight.

    I think this is the same video blanking issue that happens with Three Wonders? If it is, it's an incompatibility issue with some monitors and the CPS1 hardware, so yes, normal. What monitor is displaying it in red?