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Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun



UD-USB Decoders



MS9-29T - Static Sound but no Neck Glow or Image



Supergun showcase!



Vewlix C Monitor won't turn on, possibly a dead Wei Ya PSU



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  • drfunk2k -

    Replied to the thread Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun.

    Quote from AMS: “I like to order 1 :) how much is it with shipping to the Netherlands? It’s 110-220 volt autoswitching right? ” Yes 110-220, no worries there and I just messaged you. If you buy the Undamned USB decoders from the forum here they work…
  • Cat -

    Replied to the thread UD-USB Decoders.

    Dear Undamed Sir, I am very sorry to be pestering you on this May I please kindly ask how is the progress of adding support for the PowerA Controller to your DB15 USB Decoder coming along Sir ? Thank you very much for doing this Thank you very much…
  • gunblade -

    Replied to the thread MS9-29T - Static Sound but no Neck Glow or Image.

    replace the la7853 on the non worker and check metal oxide 220r and 100r around both ic on the broken connector just solder wires direct to pcb if you are using same remote board and cable for both chassis then check all of that
  • Zanza911 -

    Replied to the thread Supergun showcase!.

    Thanks Loki, thats all i need for now. I will let you know about my progress!!! Thanks again!
  • TheBortot -

    Liked l_oliveira’s post in the thread card dispenser capcom.

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    Quote from Wall-Garants: “Quote from l_oliveira: “Brazil boards can be anything, Green, Gray, Orange even Yellow (Yellow is supposed to actually be rental boards) but they will always be marked with that logo on them. Since the plastic is melted and…
  • hursit -

    Liked TommyBoy’s post in the thread Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production.

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    I want to give a big thank you to Hursit and everyone helping him with this project. Even as a 80% reproduction, the cabinet you made Hursit looks so impressive. This is definitely a lot of hard work so I am super grateful to see people go out of their…
  • ChicksOnLeashes -

    Liked mukurofish’s post in the thread [WORLD SITUATION COVID-19].

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    Luckily I'm sure every single one of us has PLENTY of games to keep us busy. Maybe I'll finally get around to playing Grandia on the Saturn. Been wanting to play that for 20 years lol.