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Naomi 2 HDMI



Reviving suicided Gaelco PCBs : The Right Way



Guardians denjin makai II



Home Arcade System



Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES.



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  • Bxbennyg1 -

    Replied to the thread Naomi 2 HDMI.

    any update on the project. did you ever receive the Naomi 2 ? hope your having a great new year. Quote from citrus3000psi: “Got the proto cables the other day. Only checked fitment which seems ok. Could use some minor adjustments. Likely won't get…
  • xtrasmiley -

    Replied to the thread Reviving suicided Gaelco PCBs : The Right Way.

    Can anyone explain to me why my Alligator Hunt says coprocessor is Not Ready, yet the game still seems to play (haven't played more than 1 stage however). Is AH different in regards to the suicide battery?
  • xtrasmiley -

    Liked ShadowX’s post in the thread UMK3 OSSC Settings..

    Like (Post)
    I spent a couple hours on this getting the full image without cropping anything out for MK and looking good. Only thing I haven’t figured out is a way to get a perfectly smooth vsync due to the weird video refresh rate (please let me know if you know…
  • xtrasmiley -

    Replied to the thread Guardians denjin makai II.

    Quote from zerox_dogma: “Quote from xtrasmiley: “I have 3 of them, I can check for you in a few days if no one chimes in with the answer. I do not recall any of the Korean ones being blurry however, all play good. ” Remember check ” Well, let me…
  • xtrasmiley -

    Replied to the thread Home Arcade System.

    Quote from Brendle: “EDIT - I found a different thread here saying the HAS may be available in Feb on a webshop, so I will look out for that. But I'll leave my old mssg here in case anyone can help regarding the other stuff. Hi, I'm new here. I'd like…
  • Frank_fjs -

    Replied to the thread Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES..

    One thing, which I'm not complaining nor fussed about, it seems I need to hit buttons B and C simultaneously on the Retrobit controller before it's detected and responsive. Normal behaviour?
  • kazanova225 -

    Replied to the thread Sega Megalo 410.

    Quote from OsirusANZ: “Quote from tiff_lee: “Quote from OsirusANZ: “Quote from djsheep: “Paging @OsirusANZ who recently pimped one of these out. ” Haha yeah we spoke over Facebook when they picked them up. The 36in monitor I have in mine has seemed to…
  • Mrshplooga -

    Posted the thread Sharp image 2725 flyback.

    I have one of the local guys doing a repair on one of my monitors and he's determined that the flyback needs to be replaced, I'm having a hell of a time finding a suitable replacement. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with these monitors…
  • trinity4444 -

    Replied to the thread A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame.

    I use a Capcom JVS to Jamma adapter in my cab. But only for the controls. The VGA signal goes directly into the monitor. I'll give it a try, though. It is also possible that the game can only be played in 720p ? I only noticed that there is a patch…