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SD card extension



Home Arcade System - new supergun sets



CPS-3 Custom METAL Case Pre-Order



Side project: multi System E (Sega)



Any PGM Conversion info out there?



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  • edgb77 -

    Replied to the thread SD card extension.

    Thanks Guys! I already installed one, and it´s just Gourgeous!
  • twistedsymphony -

    Liked Fluffy’s post in the thread Any PGM Conversion info out there?.

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    Quote from twistedsymphony: “The Lydz Graphics PCB is NOT a custom PCB. I was expecting this to be custom similar to the program PCB but it's actually a PCB NO-0213T which is from Knights of Valour Super Heroes. This is really interesting because it…
  • twistedsymphony -

    Liked oneleaf86’s post in the thread Any PGM Conversion info out there?.

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    Revised labels in PDF format. I've reduced the horizontal size which should make for a perfect fit. Also revised the Ketsui label because as @SpudJones pointed out I had the last two characters reversed :|
  • edgb77 -

    Liked strdr’s post in the thread SD card extension.

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    The CPS2 Multi is an awesome piece of kit, I liked to keep it in a closed case...but updating the SD card with new roms, fixes etc... is a pain as I have to open up everything etc... I had a SD to Micro SD extender and thought this could help me solve…
  • xodaraP -

    Replied to a comment by Mukuro_W on xodaraP’s wall.

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    I can do it but you would have to ship to Australia which would be expensive. Let me know if you can't find everyone in Europe and you want to send them here
  • Catzoo -

    Replied to the thread Home Arcade System - new supergun sets.

    Quote from twistedsymphony: “There are literally hundreds of power supply caps available: thingiverse.com/tag:power_supply_cover/page:6 the reason being is that DIY and other budget 3D printers use a similar style PSU so lots of people have printed end…
  • Golfojosue -

    Now follows Apocalypse.

  • rancor -

    Now follows sheep_nova.